Common Core is a Group THING!

Friends~Our benchmarks are over!  Yippee!  I am so super proud of my kiddos.  They did an amazing job and their growth was tremendous.  They were all smiles when I let them see their Discover Ed reports.  Our school just moved to Discover Ed and now our benchmark testing is done online.  I wasn't sure about it after the first round but this time through I am loving all of the reports and data that this site gives me on my class and on individual students.  

Here is the really neat thing, today we got together as a class and looked over our group scores.  We talked about what percentage of answers correct we felt comfortable with as a passing grade.  We decided on 80%.  We highlighted all of the standards that we met the 80% on and then I passed out my Common Core Standard cards.  I called out the standard that we did not meet and my students hunted for them.  We placed them up on the board.  

I love being able to make my students a part of our planning for our classroom and our learning.  They take so much more ownership of their work habits when they understand why we are learning what we are learning.  

We also brainstormed what we could do to meet those standards in class.  We decided to add the writing standards to our writing center to remind us what we need to be focusing on.  
I am so loving these kiddos...they are so easy to motivate to learn!


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