You GOT Egged!

Friends~So I am constantly getting inspired by the incredible teachers and mommies on Pinterest.  It is amazing how one pin can change your life or just make an evening at home exciting! 

I was pinning away one day and I saw this pin on Pinterst.  I followed it to this adorable site called Fab N Free
Be sure to check out all of the other fun and free stuff on this site!  
It is amazing!

Well, after seeing this pin all I could think about was egging my neighbors.  I love Booing during Halloween!  I had to wait for the temperature to warm a bit and for some signs of Spring to pop up before I attempted this.  

I am happy to report that this weekend was it!  63 degrees and a Saturday night home with my kiddos.  We decided to get the eggs ready before we left for dinner and to drag them with us in the car. 

Of course I took no pictures of the process but I grabbed baskets from the $ Store and filled plastic eggs with candy and small prizes.  I totally had to add some Marshmallow Peeps!
I typed up this letter based on our Boo letter in October. 
Give it a click to grab your own letter!

Lily and Ian loved filling the eggs and picking which one of our wonderful neighbors would get egged first.  Try it with your kiddos at home!
I of course am thinking of which classroom will get egged first at school:)

I know I am going to get busted because I am writing this.  People will know it was The Schroeder Family who started the egging but I just had to share!  



  1. I just love this , It is absolutely adorable. Too Cute !!!! I am your follower , cannot wait to see more.

  2. Love it! I've been booing my friends at school for years, but at one point had to change it to a 'harvest' theme rather than Halloween because they've outlawed Halloween at my school (very conservative). I'm going to re-word this to springtime rather than Easter, since we have those folks who don't celebrate that holiday either. Thanks for sharing this idea!



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