The Creepies and Crawlies are out!

Friends~I know this might sound crazy but we found ants in our house today and I am thrilled!  Not because I love ants but because it is finally getting warm enough for them to creep!  I am from the North but being down South for 6 years has really thinned my blood.  I am a total wimp!  Recess duty at 40 degrees is outrageous to me when in Ohio I remember standing out there in the snow.  Hallelujah for ants and bugs creeping all around NC today!  

67 degrees...I have missed you!

I have to repost this picture from last summer.  It is my all time favorite creepy crawly photo!
That is my little guy Ian and a snail friend that he found digging around at a park!  I crack up at the snail is just checking things out!

I love to use the world of insects as a springboard for teaching.  Lucky for me- we have life cycles as a science standard!  So far this year we have studied the life cycle of a spider and a frog.  

Next on the list is jumping into the world of creepy crawlies of all kinds! 
Listen to this fun insect song that I teach my class every year!

Grab a Free download of the song by clicking the image below! 

We make those adorable butterfly hats when we learn about the proboscis.

You can learn how to make these with your kiddos in my 
Creepy Crawly file! 
Check it out here!
On SALE this weekend March 9th-10th!

Happy almost SPRING!



  1. Hi Monica!

    What a great song! Thanks for sharing it on Classroom Freebies. Is this a song you made up or is it one whose author we don't know?


  2. I'm with you Monica! Today it is BEAUTIFUL here in central NC. I feel like spring is teasing me. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Bear in Mind Blog Design

  3. Anna, the tune sounds like Clementine to me. Love this!!


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