Cover to Cover: Interactive Novel Studies!

Friends~Big NEWS!  I am presenting at the NCRA conference with my teamie Mrs. Mccumbee!  Be sure to check out her new site! We are so darn excited about tomorrow.  We have been fine tuning our presentation.  Check out how far we will go to make sure it is perfect for our audience. 
Cover to Cover
Making Novel Studies Interactive!

Yes, that is a sheet taped to the wall! 
I will be sharing my Discussion Towers!
Grab a freebie of my Discussion Tower Reflection Sheet by clicking below.  
If you are at the conference, head over and check us out. We will be presenting at 1:30 tomorrow! 

We are planning on uploading our presentation for download after the conference.  Stay tuned! 



  1. I was at your presentation! Great job; lots of good information.


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!