An Book Study Freebie!

Friends~I am gearing up for my very favorite author Patricia Polacco.  You may have read my post about Thundercake.  That is the first book we will be diving into on Monday.  Here is what my board looks like as I type!

Those are the story cards that my students will be using to retell the story.  We will also be making our own cards with our favorite part to add to the sequence.  

I am really excited about how Particia's stories are based on her life experiences.  My kiddos are going to love being introduced to memoirs.  Her books are perfect for Writer's Workshop too.  
My blogging buddy Hilary Lewis from Rocking Teacher Materials introduced me to the best book for teaching writing.  It all stems from telling stories verbally first. I am so excited to get my students writing memoirs!

During my planning for this unit I fell in love again with another Polacco book: Emma Kate

It is such a sweet story about an elephant and her imaginary friend.  This story packs such a twist you students will flip!
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  1. Really Emma Kate is a sweet reminder of the importance of childhood friends--even those friends seen only by a child's eyes. The story took me back to my own childhood and my friends. Emma Kate is a precious tale with a surprise at the end.

    The Equation book

  2. Thanks for the freebie. I've heard this is a cute book!
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