It's Matter Time!

Friends~We just started our Matter unit in class today and I was so amazed at how well my students did understanding the States of Matter.  We started out with our States of Matter book from Foss Science Kits.  I was so proud of my kiddos because as soon as they got the books they were hunting for text features.  If you are interested in checking out the Foss Kits just click the image below!

After our pre reading we then read the first few pages about what Matter is and we talked about the vocabulary words.  We also discussed how you can find a definition within the text.  
I then split my kiddos into 3 groups.  Solids, Liquids, and Gases.

We have been really working on speaking and listening skills in class so I knew this was a perfect opportunity to see if are hard work had paid off.  

The groups were given the task of creating individual posters for their state of Matter.  Watch and see them getting started! 

Here are a few of their posters.  They did an amazing job creating and organizing their information.  They even sited where they got their information from. 
Take note of the graphic organizers and diagrams!  

After working in groups, the students then headed back to their seats.  I placed 2 small Post Its at their desks.  We began a gallery walk in the classroom.  That is when we walk around and read each other's work.  We often leave feedback for each other on Post Its.  I asked each student to visit 2 different posters.  If they were in the solid group they needed to visit the liquid & gas posters and so on. 

Take a quick peek into our tour! 

Next week we will jump into our Matter Experiments.  I love when we get down and dirty with Science!  So many fun experiments to show Matter properties!  
I love using this Matter Takes up Space experiment with the class.  They always think it is really cool how the water rises in the cup.  Give the image a click to download a FREE copy of my response sheet.  

Stay tuned for more Matter Learning!

You can also check out my Matter packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is chalked full of hands on Matter FUN!


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  1. Great intro to Matter! We start our Matter unit right after we get done with State Assessments in April. Enjoy Matter, it's one of my favorite things to teach & experiment with!!


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