The BIG Day Our Mock Iditarod!

Well, today was the BIG day!  We hosted our first annual Mock Iditarod at Harrisburg Elementary.  The students were so excited about the day that extra parents even came to help out.  They emailed and said that their 2nd graders begged them to come.  We even had a student dress up as a dog! 

Check out the decorations that our parents put together! 
 Thanks to Mrs. Beaty for organizing all this jazz!
Yes...those are Christmas Trees!

We made these fun dog masks and added our DOG names to dog tags to make the day extra special! 

 Plus they were both great souvenirs from the day!


Once we were all dressed for the big day we headed off on our Iditarod journey lead by our parent mushers.  

We started the day with 3 different rotations.  Our students were broken up into sled dog groups and each group had a parent musher.  The students followed their musher from task to task.  Thank goodness for all our our parent support! 

The students rotated through 3 different presentations.  
In one area the students enjoyed Scooby Snacks, juice boxes, and a movie all about the Iditarod.  

The 2nd presentation was an interactive Iditarod race using our classroom smartboard and QR codes.  Thanks to Krista Eason from Thoughts from the Ladybug Lady for putting the codes and smartboard file together!  
Check them out below! 

We were a bit rocky at first learning to scan the codes but once they got the hang of it... they were amazing.  I loved hearing them puzzling through the questions.  

The last presentation was the best!  Voted on by room 331: 
Denver and Shyann the AMAZING Sled Dogs!
Brought to us by Mr. and Mrs. McKissick! 

They were the nicest couple ever!  I met them through a friend of mine.  They are mushers and they just got back from Alaska where they spent time mushing with sled dogs!
They brought so many goodies for the students to check out.  The dogs even put on a mushing demonstration! 
Check out some of the presentation below!

  I could not be happier about how this day turned out for the students.  It was a perfect ending to our Balto unit.  
I think we are all going to be sad that it is over:) 
If you are interested in introducing your class to Balto and the Iditarod click the images below.  
If you decide to have a Mock Iditarod with your classes feel free to email me with questions.  I would be happy to help you make this happen for your students.  It was so worth the effort and I know it is a day that they won't soon forget!
(Please know that the Mock Iditarod presentations are not in this file.  This file will allow you to teach the history of Balto to your class.)  

Grab a Freebie from this file and read more about it by clicking the image below!

The Iditarod begins March 2, 2013 so there is still time to make this historical learning experience for your students a reality! 


  1. Are you sharing the QR codes and SMART file?
    Can I get them at TeachersPayTeachers?

  2. ALSO, I too have my second grade class follow the Iditarod. They each have picked a musher to follow in this years race. Do you have other Iditarod material? IWe already read Balto.

  3. Thank you so much for inviting Denver and Cheyenne to come in. They were THRILLED with all the attention! I think they slept for two solid days afterwards they were so tired. If you remember can you let me know when the article gets published, I'd love to get a copy for Denver and Cheyenne's breeder.
    Mary and the furballs


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