Lucky the Leprechaun RETURNS & a Clover Freebie!

Friends~It is that time of year again!  The little door is back.   Every year this little door appears in my classroom and the St. Patrick's Day inferring begins!  

Every day in March, little items are left outside this door and my kiddos work really hard trying figure out what they mean.  We work on generating questions like who lives behind the door?  What does L.T. L. stand for? It is really amazing how my students turn into little detectives! 

We also plant clovers for good luck!  We plant them on sponges and in flowerpots.  We then create a hypothesis about which growing condition will produce the best clovers.  It is always lots of fun to chart the clovers progress over the month. 

I have bough my clover seeds on Amazon.  Click the image below to head to Amazon to order. 

Click below to grab a FREE copy of our Clover Recording Sheet! 

On St. Patrick's Day, the real fun begins!  Check out what a certain leprechaun does to my classroom every year!

I even caught him on video one year.  I always show this video as PROOF that it is a leprechaun and not ME!   
Click the video below to see for yourself:)

If you want more St. Patrick's Day learning fun you can check out my full file of Lucky Returns by clicking the image below!  

Or just watch this video preview of all the file has to offer! 

Here's to hoping you find a little door in your classroom soon!



  1. Where do you get the clover seeds from?

  2. I was wondering that too, where do you get clover seeds?

  3. Hi All...I just added a link in the post for ordering clover seeds. I sure hope this helps:)


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