Operation Peeps!

Friends~It is Operation Peep Time!  Every spring just before Spring Break my kiddos adopt Marshmallow Peeps.  We create Peep houses, weigh, measure, read to, play tic tac peep, and so much more.  It is a fun filled day of learning that my 2nd graders NEVER forget. 

It takes some planning but it is so worth it.  I start by asking parents for donations of Marshmallow Peeps, Easter grass and large plastic Easter Eggs.  I add a Peep to each egg and put them in a large nest made of bulletin board paper and Easter grass. 

The hospital in my home town does something special every time a baby is born.  They put a chime sound over the speakers so everyone knows a baby has been born.  I do the same thing in class.  I pre recorded bell sounds for my students.  So every time a bell rings another Peep is Adopted!  It is so adorable!
Click the image below to download a FREE poster to use with your adoption! 

If you are wanting more check out my It's a Peep Thing unit!  It is everything you will need to adopt PEEPS in your classroom!

Be sure to hop over to check out MarshmallowPeeps.com!

Be sure to go to the tour tab and click Factory Tour.  The site walks you through the process of making



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