Friends~My Eye of the Tiger & Doing Nothing Freebie is here!

Friends~My Eye of the Tiger & Doing Nothing Freebie is here!  The time of year when my kiddos start to get a little lax in their work ethic.  I know they are getting ready for Spring Break... I sure am but we still have our benchmark testing and the rest of the year to finish:)  I have been brainstorming ways that I could encourage them.  One way that has helped a lot is this silly song.  We sing it before we go out to work independently or in partners.   It reminds us that if we are doing NOTHING we are not learning anything!  Click any of the images below to download all 3 freebies!  
Doing Nothing Free PDF, photo
I also created this letter to send home with students that are really struggling with doing NOTHING.  I talked with the class and we decided that we really wanted to find a way to stay focused and that we did not want to waste a minute of our learning time.  They all liked the idea of the letter and the fact that I give a stop sign as a warning before the letter is sent home.  This gives them time to correct their behavior.  
It has been working beautifully, the students are even beginning to remind each other! 
Doing Nothing Free PDF, photo
We also started talking about our benchmark testing and how I needed them to stay focused so that they could show all that they have learned so far in 2nd grade.  I brought back this oldie but a goodie!  We listened to the song and analyzed the words.  We talked about how they connected to our benchmark testing and our daily work.

I am printing these tiger eyes below to place on my student's desks  this week as a reminder to stay focused and to try hard! 
Eye of the Tiger Free PDF, photo of

Friends~Just an alert on this.  I am getting some negative-like comments below and I am so open to everyone's opinion but I wanted to make sure it is understood that this letter and song are not used to humiliate students. 
 The song is sung as a class and they all get a kick out of it. It is a reminder.  The best part is, I don't have to say anything to the person that is not working. (No one really knows who is not working except the person who is not working.)  
 I just start the song and that is enough. 
 The letter is sent home privately only after lots of reminders.  I am all for independent thinkers, in fact I strive for independent learners that can think and monitor their own learning but at times there has to be a consequence to shape behaviors.  

I am very positive with my students and I work extremely hard to create a positive atmosphere in my student lead classroom.  I would love to hear your suggestions on how you handle students that do not work/do nothing on a consistent basis during centers.  
Doing Nothing meaning:
On a regular basis~
Watching others play computer games when they are assigned to another center.  (After several warnings.)
Using materials as toys for distracting themselves and others.  (After several warnings.) 
Off topic discussions that distract from centers.   
(After several warnings.)
Not completing assignments.   (After several warnings.)
I look forward to your comments and suggestions about how you have handled this in your classroom.   



  1. Love this!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!
    The Techie Teacher

  2. Will be sharing this with my little one who has little motivation.

  3. Thank you I SO need this right now as my kiddos are having the same problems as yours. I have talked to them about it, but I'm pretty much wasting my breath. Will try this out and see how it goes. Thanks again!!

    Cathy :)

    C is for Cookies, Cakes, Children, Classroom, and Crafts

  4. Thanks for the idea to motivate my pupils

  5. Thanks for the idea to motivate my pupils

  6. I'm sure you mean well, but this is the perfect way to discourage creativity and independent thought. Do you take the time to discuss what they were actually doing/ thinking before accusing them of doing nothing? Maybe those kids just need to be inspired by you in a different way or left to themselves for a few minutes to process information. As a former educator and a mother, this approach worries me. Surely there is a better way to encourage your students.

    1. Here here. The "doing nothing" take-home puts words in a child's's a forced confession, nothing less. Their job may well be to participate, but it's the teacher's job to motivate, not humiliate.

  7. I Love the idea of the letter. I have taught 7-9 ELA for 17 years and have seen a dramatic increase in students who are failing as a result of NOT DOING ANYTHING. There has also been greater emphasis on parent contact in my school. You could have the student write a letter and sign it, but since they don't like to work it will not get finished, kind of a catch 22 there. Having a form letter is the best way to go. I would imagine that one or two letter home would solve the problem. This over protectiveness and allowing a child to do what they want, when they want, and placing blame on the teacher instead of the one who made the irresponsible choice only enables this behavior. I know if my children brought home a letter like this I would make sure they realized the importance of making responsible choices, especially when it comes to their education and work ethic! This is not about motivation or humiliation it is about consequences for your actions and responsibility. Seriously ladies, I'm sure you mean well but you're part of the problem, not the solution.

  8. I am with you and I understand the approach you are taking. All those behaviors you described above are behaviors I see every year in my classroom and yes I too give several warnings.


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