Just Another Day in 2nd Grade?

Friends~It's not just another day in 2nd grade!  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I don't care what you do you will never be able to ignore the fact that it is a special day for your kiddos.  I always think that if I just keep it simple things will run more smoothly.  Well. that never seems to work.  The kiddos will storm the doors tomorrow armed with valentines and sweets.  They will ask me 150 times when we will be passing out valentines.  So, I have just decided that if can stop them...I will just join them in the craziness! 

Here is what my kiddos will walk into!  Candy Heart Science!  I posted about it early this month but I am really excited about how it all turned out.  Check out the fun below! 

You can grab a free download of my Science Safety Goggles by clicking HERE!

I also was thinking that even if you don't have time for Candy Heart Science tomorrow...Friday would be a perfect day to use up all those left over candy hearts.  
I am putting this file on sale on V-Day!
Head over and check it out!

I also put a cute writing activity together for my kiddos called Silly 
Heart Sentences.  I snatched up some candy heart containers with fun messages printed on the front. I added a who and a where inside and I ended up with silly heart story starters.  
My kiddos loved working with them today!  I added them to my writing center for the rest of the month! 

Click the image below to download a FREE copy!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. WOW!! This is great. I just picked this up from TPT. I can't wait to use this.
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