Sunday, October 21, 2012

Primary Science: Spider Life Cycle

Primary Science: Spider Life Cycle
Friends!  I have spent another day at the ballpark and it was soooo totally worth it!  My Lily Kay and her team won their first ever AA Bracket softball tournament.  It was a 2 day tournament and the first day did not go so well.  Today was a different story!  They were amazing!  It was so much fun to watch.  Lily hit a triple in the first game and then in the championship game she hit in the winning run in extra innings.  I can't tell you how nervous I am every time she gets up to hit but today was almost too much to watch!  I am so glad I was able to keep my head out of my hands!  She totally crushed it!  I don't want to forget to mention the fact that she is a dang good catcher too!  Loving when that team clicks!  The are such a great bunch of girls, coaches and parents!  Even Ian has a gang of little brothers that he hangs with at the field.  They were cheering their big sisters on in the last game and it was too cute!

They are all pinked up for Breast Cancer Awareness!  

Softball seems like my part time job sometimes but it is totally worth all the traveling and practicing! 

Now back to my real job!  Teaching!!!  We are still learning ALL ABOUT SPIDERS in Room 331!  On Friday we focused on the life cycle of a spider in preparation for our field trip to the Charlotte Nature Museum.  We had read about and watched video clips of the spider's life cycle but I really wanted my students to get down and dirty with it!  So I decided to propose a challenge.  I gave my class 3 items and asked them to recreate the life cycle from what they had learned from our past lessons.  It was amazing to see their thought process!  Check out the video below!
I lust love how they turned out.  Each one is very different but they did a great job of displaying the life cycle.  Below you will see the spider web, spider confetti (Spiderlings) and a plastic spider.  My students placed the items into the 4 sections and labeled the life cycle. 
1. Egg Sack
2. Spiderlings
3. Ballooning
4. Adult  
Primary Science: Spider Life Cycle, The Schroeder Page
We also did an experiment on how spiders sense vibrations in their webs.  I grabbed a ball of black yarn and had my students sit in a circle.  The each told a spider fact that they had learned and passed the ball of yarn around while holding on to a piece.  Soon we had a huge web.  I then had my class close their eyes and tossed rubber insects into the web.  They raised their hands to show they felt the vibration!
Primary Science: Spider Life Cycle, The Schroeder Page
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Hope your Sunday was as great as mine!