Sometimes an Email is more than an Email!

On Sunday I opened my email and found the most exiting message EVER!  It was from Amanda over at The Kindergarten Chick! She is a new blogger so head over and check her out. 
Her email made my morning and I emailed her to ask if I could share it and she said YES!  So...check it out below.
To ME!
I just read your behavior management philosophy and I love it!!  I am no longer flipping cards but after a week of school I am searching for what to do. I am going to discuss the 2 paths next week. We have been role playing right and wrong and I feel my students get it, however they are K and they are loud and a little crazy in line and during bathroom breaks (20 kids). I line them up 5 or so at a time but by the time the back is in line the front is crazy. HELP!! (We've had 5 days of school)

To Amanda! have a BIG job with those little Kindergartners:)  It is going to take more than 5 days to train those sweeties.  My advice is to slow everything down and model.  Even if it is standing outside the bathroom for a long time modeling good behavior.  You may want to have them observe a first or 2nd grade class walking in the hall or using the bathroom.  Those students that are not able to stand in line should receive a consequence.  Did you make any red stop signs?  I am attaching an updated file of Beyond Flipping Cards for you.  I have added a few new things and I am not sure if you have the updated file or not.
I would make the stop signs that say stop and make a better choice hand it to them and have them sit on the wall across from the line of students.  Do not walk a line of rowdy kiddos.  Stop and wait.  If they can't control themselves I would head back to the room and have a meeting.  This is the time to train...know what you let them get away with now will follow you all year.  Set your expectations now!

Our K classes at school have a plastic jar and they fill it with NOODLES.  Macaroni to be exact.  They call it using your noodle.  You may need this for your class and it is ok.  They wear aprons like I do and they carry noodles with them.  They hand them out to students who are using their noodles.  It is a great motivator.  I know they do something special when the jar is full.  Just make sure that you get a large jar because this should be a goal that takes a long time to get.  Students do not need to be rewarded all the time.  I would explain this as a group goal one that the whole class will need to work together to accomplish.  Feel free to Skype me at monica.schroeder7 if you need to talk more.  I am so proud of you for taking this on.  Know that it will come and one day you will look out and see a classroom of students managing their behavior because they are strong independent learners.

Stay on the path will come!

To Me!
The OOPS book was a godsend today, bathroom break went great!! THANK YOU!~Amanda

I was so thrilled to have someone contact me about how an idea or philosophy change how they did something.  I felt so proud of Amanda for having the confidence in herself to make changes in her teaching to benefit her students.
To Amanda
YEAH!!!  Funny you emailed about the OOPS book because we start with kiddos on Thursday and I was looking my OOPS book from last year and I was cracking up!  Those little goofballs do the funniest things. 

Another note...would you be OK if I posted about your emails and share some of your words.  I don't think you know how much it means to me to hear about how Beyond Flipping Cards is working for you.  Let me know what you think.

I am heading off to bed soon with a smile on my face!  This is what blogging is all about. Sharing with each other and supporting each other.  I learned a bit of a lesson.  I need to give more positive feed back to the authors that I download and purchase from.  There are many of you out there that I use some of your documents in my classroom and I LOVE them.  So from now on...more feedback and support from The Schroeder Page!  Thank you to all of my blogging buddies! 


  1. Aww, I so agree! EVERYTHING I use is from the internet, some of it 10 years old. I've just discovered the blogs and I am in love, professional learning communities as they should be! I'm in the midst of collecting all the resources I have so far for behavior management so I can blog and credit everyone included you! THANKS again!

  2. I just downloaded this resource from you today. I have been Implementing Conscious Discipline in my classroom and this seems like something that will go along well with it. Thanks for your hard work!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  3. tmarie--that is it! The resource that I have and cannot find is Conscious Discipline! I haven't read it yet but I will love to hear how it goes.

  4. Wow...I was just thinking about my crazy line this weekend and wondering how I could get it right. Thank you for sharing this convo! So helpful! ^_^

  5. Amanda...Blogging is the best professional learning community that I belong to. We are using PLC at school and I am going to let them read your comment. It is so true!

    The Schroeder Page


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