So We Played the Number Circle Game!

I was so excited yesterday to introduce The # Circle Game to my class.  It is a basic number sense game and I love to do it at the beginning of the year because it gives me such a good idea of where my students are in understanding how numbers work together. 
It is pretty simple...the pictures above are of my smartboard lessons that I use to explain how the circles work.  Each page has 2 circles with random numbers.  This year I have a pretty high class so I went with larger numbers.  It can be easily adjusted for all learners.  I have a prerecorded page that my students get to view that shows me representing a number using words, numbers, and pictures.  They loved that part.  

I then set them free to work on a sheet on their own.  We partnered up by using our "Lazar Beams"  or eye contact.  I teach them this early...they mill around and choose their partners by making eye contact.  There partner shakes yes and off they go.  The rule is the first person who you make eye contact with is your shaking NO!  We also discuss prior knowledge and how we all have different prior knowledge and if we always choose the same partner-we won't be able to GROW our Prior Knowledge. 

I am so super proud of my has been a wonderful BACK to School!



  1. what grade is this for? I love the idea!! In what ways do the describe the numbers? Pictures, words, how else??

  2. How do the students use the game? Are they just describing numbers with words? Math problems?

  3. I love this idea!! I'm going to try it with my crew tomorrow; I'm interested to see what all they will come up with!

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