Back to School FREEBIE Newsletter for TEACHERS!

Hey my Teaches...It is Back to School for me now:)  I am heading over to my 2nd grade team for a meeting.  I am so excited to see them and start talking about the New Year.  All this thinking got my brain moving toward organizing and all that we teachers have to do in the month of August to get ready for our little friends.  Honestly...setting up my room and organizing is my favorite part of BTS!  
Over at I have a year supply of Teacher Resource NewslettersThe Schroeder Summary as it is called is a two page newsletter chalked full with ideas, links, website, crafts and more.  I sat down and organized my units for each month and wrote them up with all of the extras that I need to make my units special.  Now each month I can pull out my summary and get a refresher of some of the great things I have done in the past to add to all of the new stuff I am going to do this year. 
Get your FREE copy of August below.  I sure hope it jump starts your Back to School.  The only thing I ask in return is that you become or are a follower of my blog and leave a comment below.  I just love to hear from y'all! 
Enjoy my Friends!


  1. Thanks for the newsletter! I am going to go make my own scavenger hunt right now!

  2. Scavenger Hunt is a great idea--we do it for Open House, why not Meet the Teacher?? Also love the idea of the "giving tree." I usually just stick post-its labeled with items on my Dry Erase Board and write above them "Our Class Needs..." and have the parents take the post-it note if they'd like to donate the item. But your tree idea is much cuter! That's officially on my "if I have time" list. Haha. Also, question: what is the estimation jar for? Thanks!!

  3. Thank you for the newsletter. It helps me to get my brain in gear. I have been organizing everything and getting my room together already. I wanted that done so that when I have to be back for inservice I can focus on it and getting ready for the first few weeks of school.

  4. Great newsletter. Thanks for sharing it.


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