Is your Courage on?

Today was my 2nd day with my students and I am happy to report they are amazing.  They have learned the routine quicky and we are off to a great start.  I always spent the first few days focusing on the routine in the classroom and I like to introduce my idea of courage.  In my manual Beyond Flipping Cards I introduce this idea of doing what's right when others are doing wrong.  Below you will find a write up from BFCs. 
Today was special becasue when I went to visit my good friend Mrs. Streby she introduced be to the best little book called Courage by Bernard Waber.  It is a very easy read with great examples of what courage is.  I have been reminding my class all day to focus on their courage and set goals for themselves.  Trying new things, practicing more, staying focused. 

If you have not read this is a must for any group of kiddos.  The message is simple, you need courage to be the best you can be:) Happy Weekend!


  1. I love this book for Writer's Workshop! It is a great definitional picture book.

  2. A simply amazing book! And I love the expression "courage on!" Thanks for the post. Barbara

  3. I love this book? Is this Mrs. Streby of "Stre bee Kiddos"? I saw her blog listed at Project 3 Designs and wanted to check it out since we both have a bee theme. If it is, can you send me her web address?

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  4. Love this post. Actually used this courage inspiration last year with my students. It really stuck with them. They always talked about having courage and used the hand signal up in the hall. I remade my discipline stoplight with a light for the place kids always want to be showing "Roaring Good Behavior." Can't wait to use it this year again. Thanks for sharing.


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!