Teachers, Children, Action LINKY PARTY!

Today was a wonderful day in the classroom.  I pretty much have everything set and my Teamie and I got to work our bulletin board between our 2 rooms.  Now we always try to do a pretty fantastic job but this year...SHAzam!  It turned out super cool and the best part we only had to by the border.  The rest we just dug through the trash for.  It was so much fun!
My Teamie forgot to send out the Movie and the Park notices last year so we kept them and laminated them for the board this year.  Those are the cute popcorn boxes.  We even popped some corn and hot glued it to the boxes.  (We also may have eaten some of the glue due to it sticking to our hands and us eating popcorn during the process.)
We made the Action sign out of the top of a paper box.  We painted it black and added the wording in chalk.  The top is some Styrofoam that we found in our closet.

We decided to use the words Teachers, Children, ACTION! instead of Lights, Camera, ACTION!  I just love making our rooms exciting and also the hallways.  I get such a thrill out of the oooohs and aaaahs that you hear on Meet the Teacher Night as the new 2nd grade families head down the hall.  It makes the paint under the nails, the hot glue burns, and the millions of staples worth it. 

I would love to see what your Back to School Bulletin board looks like.  Link up below:) 



  1. Thanks for linking up! I didn't realize you had a similar one going on... great minds! :)

    Your BB is really cute. I wanted to switch to a Hollywood theme this year but didn't... I'm pinning your BB for next year!

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