Blog Traffic School!

I am back in not Masters!  Traffic School!  My Professor is Charity Preston the GREAT!  This chic knows her stuff and she is sharing it with me.

The OC Blog Button

I am so excited to post today about her Teaching Blog Traffic School. I have spent the summer watching her videos and LEARNING.  This course is for any blogger and anyone that wants to understand social networking.  I will admit I am only half way through my schooling but I am floored at how much I have learned.  Blogging etiquette, how to REALLY work my FACEBOOK page, set up my Twitter Page, and also I get to belong to a community of teachers that support each other and help each other grow in the world of blogging. 

SO...while you are blog stalking today be sure to head over and check out her site at The Organized Classroom Blog's Traffic SCHOOL to learn more.  If you decide to purchase...tell her Mrs. Schroeder at The Schroeder Page sent you.  We Traffic Girls like to stick together:)

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