So, I was on the best road trip today.  I was heading down Highway 49 to Chatham County to present SMARTboard Bootcamp at their elementary.  My friend Valerie, who is also my assistant at school came along to help and we made it a fun girls day OUT!  We start school for teachers tomorrow so this was our last big day of FUN!  I was so excited to present today because it was at my good friend Mrs. Streby's school.  She teaches first grade there and is an amazing teacher.  Her school just got their first of 8 SMARTboards and I was heading their way to help them with lessons building and MGT.  I wanted it to be fantastic for their special teachers and then I realized I forgot my cute little springs that I use to hold my jobs.  Yes, I put them to work with jobs during the training like The Electrician, Calendar, and Attendance.  So, we decided to stop at LOWES to grab a few.  When we got there and found that they did not have what we needed we were lost at what to do.  Enter Mark and Donnie!
These guys were fantastic.  I asked them if they could cut a spring jiffy quick and they said it might take a bit:)  No worries!  The called in Jennifer to help. 

Between the three of them they thought of the idea of using these little plastic display clamps.  Jennifer went back an grabbed me a bag and I was out the door...FREE of CHARGE! 
So the lesson learned~ check once and check twice and if that doesn't work head to LOWES in Pittsboro, NC and ask for Mark, Jennifer, and Donnie!

Now back to the presentation!  I want to Thank Mr. Aiken and Mrs. Streby for bringing me to your wonderful school.  Your teachers and staff were most welcoming.  I so enjoyed sharing with you all.  Please know that if you have questions or need support in anyway you are now a FRIEND of The Schroeder Page so you just need to ask!
This is the WELCOME sign we found when we entered the school. 
Now the title says Part 1 because I am saving Part 2 for tomorrow.  This day just kept getting better and better.  
Friends...please remember that people come into your life for a reason and we all need to trust in that.  Over the past year, I have had so many amazing people that have changed my life in the world of education.  I think I am going to start a list...Mrs. Cleary, Hal Bowman, Janet Rushing, Mrs. Mccumbee, Ken Musk, Mckenna Stafford, Charity Preston, Mrs. Streby, Mr. Aiken, the teachers at Chatham Elementary, my virtual teachers, Tamara Chilver, and MANY more to come I am sure.  (Plus I am sure I forgot a few:)  Thank you to all listed tonight!  Please know that you have touched my life in so many ways!  I am a better teacher because of ALL of you!


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!