Interactive Class Schedule

Have you ever wanted all of your interactive sites and documents all in one place on your interactive wipe board?  Well that is exactly what I did in my classroom.  I created a SMARTboard lesson that maps out my day.  Each page is dedicated to a specific subject.  I add the time and link any interactive links I need for that subject.  I also have linked music for my calendar time.  NO more fumbling through CDs to find the right one.  My class just clicks the image and the music starts.
 Just made an editable one and you can preview it on 

I love having it for substitutes because I can just type in all of their directions and my class can still have their lessons smartboard style. This truly helps with behavior because it keeps our daily routine in check.  I can even record myself reading a book for the students and link it to the specific slide for the substitute to play back.

I also struggle with all of the passwords that I need for our online student books.  So...I typed them into the page that corresponds with the code and I am all set.

Below you can see a sample of some of my slides.  Once you get your schedule started it is super easy to start linking the documents that you use everyday.  


  1. I'm working on mine now! I loved that idea from our session :)

  2. What a great idea! How is it that I just now became a follower??

    Quench Your First

  3. love this will have to look at a little closer when I am at school with my smart tablet, been trying to figure out how to do this kind of a format.


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