Just to Answer a Few Questions..

Schroeder Friends...I am getting some really great questions about SMARTboard Bootcamp and the virtual training that is offered on my website.  The Schroeder Page.com.  First there are two ways that you can be trained in SMARTboard Bootcamp.  #1 is to have Mrs. Schroeder come to your school and have the training live.  Be able to interact with me and have me there while you build your lessons. Ask your principal about this. 

#2 is virtual training.  This training is when I remote into your computer and present SMARTboard Bootcamp to you as a screen share.  You will be able to see my screen, talk with me, and have live video if you wish.  This training is more individualized to you and your needs.  This is also offered in groups too.  It is great for teams:)  Ask your principal about this...it could be done in a computer lab.
Training and presentation options are growing and soon there will be many more to choose from.  If you have a smartboard, you want a smartboard, or are getting a smartboard this is exactly what you are looking for.  Head over to TheSchroeder Page.com and sign up now.  Just 3 simple steps until you are building lessons unique to you student's needs. 


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!