We Read and NOW Write Fairy Tales-Plus a Freebie!

Friends~I feel like I have been flooding my blog with fairy tales this month but truly I am amazed at how much our study has developed.  My students are eating and sleeping fairy tales.  We have spent the last week learning all of the elements that make up fairy tale and have shared much loved favorites in class.  Towards the end of the week, we began to add in some fractured fairy tales.  Next week we will be jumping in with both feet by writing our own fairy tales.

I can't wait to see them use what they have learned from our shared reading and apply it to writing.  This week during writing we dabbled a bit in fairy tales with some journal prompts.  You can check them out below.  Click the image to head over to my Facebook page and download your own FREE copy! 

My students headed off with their clipboards yesterday and started their "Practice Prompts!"  They chose a prompt a day and cut out a wand to mark the ones they have used. I copied 4 of the writing sheets and stapled the packet together.  It has been really good practice for writing leads to fairy tales.

Now next week is when the real writing starts.  My teammate introduced me to this fantastic book for writing fairy tales.  

It makes the best connections to the fairy tale elements that we have been talking about in reading.  Throughout the story the author introduces "Tools" which are really the elements of a fairy tale.  The author gives examples using the story Little Red Riding Hood.  

I put together a packet for my students to use as they move through the "Tools."  Included in their packet they will have a planning page for each "tool" and then a writing template to create their own fairy tale. 
 I can't wait for them to get started!  
You can preview my unit by clicking the image below:)

The nice thing about this packet is you don't need the book to use it.  It is pretty self explanatory and is perfect for any fairy tale unit!


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!