Perfect Partner Pairs!

Friends~My kiddos loved partnering up using my Fairy Tale partner cards!  I just knew I had to make a few more sets.  Check out my Fairy Tale Partner cards below.

They are really simple to use.  I print them in color and mount on colored card-stock.  I printed the pictures on one color and the words on another for this set.  I pass out the cards and the students look at the cards and try to find the person in class that has a matching card.  For these cards it is the title of a fairy tale and a picture clue from the story.

Below you can preview some of the cards that I created to use in class.  I wanted them to have educational value as well as classroom MGT qualities so I did some math cards with base ten and $ too.
My Partner Pair Cards come in sets of 24 card. 

I also was super excited when I visited my pharmacy yesterday and found these fun Laser-pops!  Click the image below to grab a set on!

Now I am not sure what I will do with the lollipop at the end but I am going to use the laser in class to spotlight student work. 
Check out the fun shapes they make!

 I am thinking, "I Love what you are doing!"
"Shooting Star Work!"
"Smile Stamp of approval!"

I also thought about using them in class for read the room.
I would love to hear any ideas you might have about how to us these lasers!



  1. What a cute idea! I used to use little flashlights to create a "spot the word" game on our wordwall. The students loved it!


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