Friends~I really don't need help but I wanted to get you attention:)  I am super excited that I just finished my Shark Unit and I can't wait to share it with my kiddos.  I love sharing this fun learning experience with my class right before they head off on their summer beach vacations.  They are always totally memorized by the world of sharks.

Check out some of the fun activities Room 331 will be taking part in!  Below you will see our Mermaid Purses...which are really shark egg sacks.  I was super excited this past summer when I found some egg sacks on the beach and I am planning to put them at a center for my students to observe.  Ours is going to look pretty close to the real thing right?  Click my Mermaid Purse craft image below to download a FREE template! 

Another favorite is Shark Teeth Measuring!  I have been collecting shark teeth forever and I buy little cases of them each time we head to the beach.  I set each little case on a tray with diagrams of different shark teeth and have my students measure them and guess which shark they might belong to.  Don't forget the little magnifying glasses too!

You may also want to ask for a donation of BUGLES.  They make the very best Shark Tooth Snack!

I just added my 36 page SHARK Unit to my TPT store and it is filled with sheets to supplement the activities above and many more!  You can check it out by clicking the image below.  Buy this product in my blog store above and enter this code to get 15% off until July 18, 2013!

Check out this fun video from my recent trip to the 
Georgia Aquarium


  1. I love the Mermaid purse!! So cute! Your shark unit looks really cool! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I love the Mermaid Purse! Great unit! I am passing the One Lovely Blog Award on to you. Check my blog out for details and have fun!

    Heather at

  3. Wow! This unit looks amazing and I know your students will learn so much!
    Thank you for sharing. We are wrapping things up here, but maybe for next year!

  4. Lots of adorable ideas! Thanks, Renee


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