Let the Crowning Begin!

Friends~I am so excited to share with you what is going on in room 331!  We are still in Fairy Tale Land!  This week my students jumped into The Land of Imagination.  My teammate showed me this fun activity where students travel across a fairy tale map.  Writing in books they have read and then completing an activity.  I Schroeder-ized it a bit and came up with this engaging lesson.

This is the map that my teammate gave me.  Basically they are suppose to travel across the land and fill in the books as they go.  The need to fill out a ticket for each book and one for extra places on the map.  I really needed several copies of each book so I struggled following the directions.  That is where the Schroeder-izing came in:)

I wanted to be sure that I taught a few Cinderella versions so I made that my mini lessons for today and the rest of the week.  We started with James Marshall's Cinderella.  I passed out my Cinderella Webs and we created a web about the Stepsisters during my reading of the story!

My kiddos filled that in as their first cloud and they completed their first  response sheet which I called their first Task in partners!  Once they completed the task the got their crown and added their task strips!  Check out how cute they turned out!

Each child got a crown after completing their first Task.  The crowns are simply bulletin board border:) 
I had a supply station filled with items for them to add to their crowns as they completed each Task.  
For the Tasks I used the sheets that went with the cloud graph plus several of my Once Upon a Fairy Tale unit.  Really any retelling sheet would work. 

In the picture above you will see the Task strips that my kiddos glued to their crown.  Then each time they read a fairy tale and completed a retelling task they added a jewel, piece of confetti, or a sticker star. 
 They loved it!
You can download my Task Strips by clicking the image below and heading to my Facebook Page!

I also used my Guess that Fairy Tale card set to partner my students up for the reading.  They matched their picture to the person who had the matching title.  They loved hunting for their partner.
Click on the image below to check out my Unit...the cards are included in the unit plus several of the sheets I used as Retelling Tasks.  

We are having so much fun with Fairy Tales!  We are going to start writing our own tales tomorrow and I know the class is going to be thrilled.  I think I am going to add their stories to the choices for our Land of Imagination.

Just a heads up!  We are finishing our Unit on Fairy Tales with a Bang!
We will be reading the chapter book The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum. 

I just posted my Return to OZ unit on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Head over and check it out.  We are going to have a BLAST!



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