Wacky Watermelon Time!

Friends~Down South it is getting HOT!  Nothing reminds me of summer like a hunk of watermelon:)  In class next week,  we will be working with watermelons for reading, writing, and math.  Check out some of the fun centers we will be using in room 331!

First,  in my Science Center my students will examine a slice of watermelon and locate the parts. Did you know all parts of the watermelon are eatable?  I have a poster mounted for them to refer to.  
Of course they get to eat their sweet snack too!  

Next, they will practice their dialogue with watermelon seed quotation marks! 
I know that a favorite will be our Working With Words center!  I am adding in my watermelon play dough for my students to practice their sight words!
I am pretty sure our room will smell super yummy!

Click the image above to download the recipe on my Facebook Page! 
You can check out more of my Watermelon Unit by clicking the image below.  
This unit is a 36 page download filled with fun watermelon activities to use at home or in the classroom.   Included you will find:
A KWL sheet
A Watermelon Fact sheet
A 12 page mini book with facts about watermelons for your students to make and read.
A watermelon parts diagram
A Brace Map for watermelon parts
Before, Durning, and After reading activities for The Enormous Watermelon
Nursery Rhyme retelling cards
Watermelon song
A watermelon play dough recipe and 24 making words cards plus a blank sheet to use with your own words
Seed Quotation Marks and a Making words sheets
A 4 page mini book How to Grow a Water Melon
Estimating sheet to go along with the book One Watermelon Seed plus a Spitting Seeds Measurement Page
A Journal Prompt and Vegetable Compare Venn Diagram
An acrostic poem
4 Page Small Moment writing packet!



  1. This is perfect for my end of the year Watermelon Day! I'm putting it on my TPT wishlist now.

    Please stop by & visit my blog sometime!,
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Looks so cute! I love the quotation activity!

    Totally Terrific Teaching Tools

    Lohren Nolan

  3. Love the watermelon play dough. I had additions sheets for my kiddos where they had to add up the "seeds" on each half of the watermelon to find the sum. Just thought I'd share! :) Renee

  4. Watermelon play dough?! I love this activity!

    -Charmaine, Community Advocate at QuickSchools

  5. So cute!! This unit has now made me hungry for watermelon... but that might be an issue for this time of year in ohio lol

    Jessica Stanford


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