Goldilocks Shape Poems and a Give Away!

Friends~ Today in class we continued with Fairy Tales. I taught a mini lesson on Concrete Poems and the class worked on writing Goldilocks Poems during writing.  I first had my class focus on a Goldilocks's Limerick.  You can grab a copy of it in my Once Upon a Fairy Tale Unit!

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We zoomed in on how Goldilocks ate the bear's porridge.  I then gave the students a spoon pattern and off they went to create a concrete/shape poem focusing on the the porridge part of the story.

 We then added them to our bulletin board outside!  I am so pleased with their poems.  They really did a great job using ideas from our mini lesson to create their Spoon Concrete Poems.  Check out the video of one of my students reading his poem into our Easy Speak microphone.  (If you did not know already...I am doing a give away for one of these amazing microphones until May 7th.)  Head over to The Schroeder Page Easy Speak Give Away to sign up~It's EASY, I promise!

He did such an amazing job showing his style in his poem.  Simple words put into a shape~PERFECT!  

Don't miss your chance!  
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Thanks to all that participate!



  1. I need to get myself one of those microphones!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute idea with the spoon pattern paper. Renee


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