There is NO Place like Room 331!

Friends~My kiddos are in for a treat this week!  We are about half way through The Wizard of OZ by Frank Baum and we are going to climb into some super fun centers this week!

We have been reading it for about a week.  I copied my Character Webs for my students to have during our reading so that they could record their thoughts about each character.  They love having them on their clip boards and it makes it super easy to discuss the chapter after.  They are included in my Return to Oz unit.  You can preview some of the unit by clicking the image below!

On Friday in Social Studies we talked about Wants and Needs so I though it was the perfect time for my kiddos to think about The Emerald City.  Dorothy and the Gang were just getting started on their journey and we learned that The Great Oz would not grand just any wish.  It must be a wish of true importance so we decided it must be a wish of NEED.  So, I create a giant Emerald City and my kiddos made a T-chart of their wants and needs. 

I am so excited for our Exploration Station (Center Time) because my friends will be making Emerald Glasses to wear into the Emerald City!  Download a FREE copy of my center response sheet below!  I had one of my kiddos try them out on Friday just for a size check.  I have lots of green glitter glue for them to line the rimes with!

They will also have the opportunity to visit The Science Center and learn about the human brain and heart.  I grabbed a copy of The Book of Blood from Reading A to Z!  I am going to have them buddy read and then add a piece to a graph telling which body part they think is most important.  I have to grab a couple books about the brain on Monday from our school library! 

Spelling City has a great list of The Body science vocabulary that I am going to have my students visit in our computer center.  I am hoping they will make the connection between what they learn in The Science Center and how the vocabulary words are related!

The vocabulary flash cards are a perfect way to introduce the words, they can then play a game like Word O Rama to practice.  There is even a vocabulary quiz for them to take!

I have more OZ fun up my sleeve so stay tuned to find out how the story unfolds in Room 331!



  1. These are such fun centers :) Do you read the book together? Is this separate from your reading instruction - like a novel study or is it integrated into your regular reading lessons? I am breaking away from my basal slowly and wondering what people are using ... Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your bubble maps!!! They came out adorable!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Great idea to talk about the difference between needs and wants. Kids have award time with that, sometimes!

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