I am so NESTING!

Friends~If you are like me you treat your classroom like it is part of your home!  I know that the end is near and that I am going to have to pack and store everything in my classroom but I can't stop myself from NESTING.  The urge to organize and make better for the New and Up and Coming BUNCH.  My kiddos laughed at me today as I put up my new classroom job icons.  "Why did you not do this earlier ?" they asked.  Well, I finally had time to make them:)  Even though we only have a few days left they were still excited to check them out.

I used to use a job board but I found that I need my bulletin boards for more interactive centers like my Overhead Center and my Phonics Dance Board.  I have found that by posting my classroom jobs above each student's cubby,  they are more apt to be away of their classroom responsibility.  It is a great visual reminder every morning!

Here are some of the jobs that I use in my classroom.  Every student has a job everyday.  I like all my students to be responsible for running our classroom from day 1!
My Table Captains are responsible for keeping our tables nice and neat, collecting papers and checking for names, and organizing our caddies of markers & crayons.

The Materials Expert passes out supplies to students for lessons.  This allows me a minute to prep or just breath:)

My Table Busser cleans our lunch table after we eat.  They also sweep the floor in the cafeteria. 

Board Magician is in charge of cleaning our many wipe boards in the classroom.

Attendance pulls down our smartboard calendar attendance pieces and announces the attendance to me so that I can record it into the computer.
My students love this job because my calendar is done entirely on the smartboard.  Click the link above or the calendar below to see my smartboard calendars.  Remember you can now us a Purchase Order from your school on Teachers Pay Teachers!

If you are interested in reading more about my classroom jobs you can check out my You're Hired printable that I just added to my TPT store.
Just click the image below!



  1. Adorable! Great idea to put the assignments over the cubbies. Renee

  2. Wow! Great idea!!! I post mine on one of my cabinet doors :)

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  3. I LOVE LOVE the portraits inside the cubbies :)
    My Second Sense

  4. I always love when you share classroom photos! Totally using your classroom jobs idea by the cubbies. Just trying to figure out how to post our so they don't fall down regularly. Off to problem solve!
    -Leslie @KindergartenWorks

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  6. Hi Mrs. Schroeder! Can you explain how you rotate two weeks and how you "train" them to teach each other? I want to be sure I do it correctly!


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