Past, Present, & Future Friendship Pins

Friends~As the school year comes to an end,  I love reflecting on the memories and friendships that have been made.   I am writing today to share one of my very favorite end of the year activities.  My Past, Present, & Future Friendship Pins.  I make them every year with my students.  

They are pretty simple to make.  You will need to collect some large safety pins, pony beads, and letter beads.  I have my students slide on 3 pins for their future, their initial, and 2 pins for 2nd grade.  The beads are color coded for their unique personalities.  They love wearing them on their book bags and shoes.  I wear mine on my lanyard with my name tag.  Check them out below!

We even make a pin for a special friend and add the poem below.  They love passing on this memorable project to their friends.  It is a must for the end of the year!  Click the poem to grab a copy of it for your class!

If you want to take this to the next level and add some poetry, color coding, and reflection to your Friendship Pins you need to check out my packet on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is on sale now May 7-8th. 
Click the image below to read all about it! 



  1. I love the poem! This is such a great way to remember the year together.

  2. This is so great! Thank you so much for sharing.

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