They Hatched!

Friends~They hatched!  I am so excited!!!!  Our unidentified creatures hatched on Friday!  It was wild!!!  I have been checking on them every morning since spring break.  Friday morning when we came back to school, I didn't check and my kiddos did.  Hundreds of praying mantis babies!  Check them out below!

It was a long wait but it really was worth it.  When they were first born they were translucent and by the time we came back in from field day they were already a dark green.  Some of them where even in a praying pose.  They were all over the habitat and I knew they were hungry.  Since it was Friday, I took them home and released them in our garden.  It was amazing!  Watch the reaction of my kiddos and our neighborhood kiddos.  They were so excited and even were brave enough to hold them!  

I have feeling these little guys are going to be on the schedule for next year too!  


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  1. I love seeing other teachers and students excited about bugs! We hatch praying mantis eggs every year and my kids absolutely love them!


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