QR Code Craze!

Friends~Here I go again but this time the QR Craze is for you!  I know lots of you know about my .COM site The Schroeder Page right?  Well, Webmaster Ken and I wanted to have some fun with QR Codes.  The site has gone through many transformations but it is looking fantastic and we would love for you to check it out.  It is FILLED with tons of fun teaching ideas and videos. I even have my own store for you to shop from and loads of freebies!

 There is even a membership section and virtual training.

So here is the QR Craze!  I would love it if you all would head to The Schroeder Page.COM and check out what is new.  While you are there please keep your eyes open for a QR Code.  When you spot it...click it and it will take you to a SECRET PAGE.  This page will lead you to one of my products at 50% off.  You also will be able to scan a code and watch a short video all about the product. 
(No worries if you don't have a QR Scanner you can still get in on the deal by clicking on the code and then following the links:) 
Be sure to let me know what you think once you check it out.  

The code is little so don't leave any stone 

I also am offering a FREE 3 month membership to my .COM site! 
to one lucky follower. 
Enter below!

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  1. The freebies! The membership page looks really nice!

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

  2. The freebies are my favorite too! :)


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