The Yummiest Ice Cream Float Science

Friends~One of my very favorite summer time treats is an Ice Cream Float.  I make them every year with my class to celebrate the end of the school year.  This year, I am going to bring some science into my lessons.  We are going to be experimenting with fizz and foam!
Watch my kiddos at home enjoying some float fun!

        Please excuse the mess and the excitement!  I had neighbors over and the kiddos were super wired!  

The really neat thing about Ice Cream Float Science is that you get to play with fizz and foam.  My students will experiment with different liquids and also test out the best way to make a float: Ice Cream First or Soda First.  The video gives it away but it is still fun to test it out yourself.  

During my research for this project, I found out that the floats actually have names like the Boston Cooler and the Purple Cow.  I decided that my kiddos needed to learn these names so that they could order accordingly:)  

I also found this adorable game at my local Education Express Store called Lickety Quick!  It is a word building game that encourages students to think of words/parts of speech that begin with certain letters.  The best part is...I don't have to make it!  It is printed on fun ice cream patterned card stock. My kiddos are going to gobble it up during centers.  (I love that it looks like an ice cream sandwich!)

I plan on using this fun filled pack during our last week of school!  I think it is going to be a BIG hit!  Check out what this file has to offer!  Give the picture a click to read more about it!



Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!