Porridge Tasting!

Friends~I just had to share!  We are ending out Fairy Tale unit next week and my teamie and I were setting up our Fairy Tale Land Centers for the following week.  We have lots of goodies planned like comparing beans and peas and also porridge tasting!  Check out how darn cute the porridge tasting is going to be!

The kiddos are going to visit the center and taste bowls of porridge (Oatmeal) at different temperatures.  They then get to vote with magic beans (green beads).  We will finish by graphing our findings. It is going to be hysterical!

They also get to wear these sparkly crowns that I grabbed at The Education Express.  Really just gold boarders but they totally work! 
They mark the tasks that they finish on the clouds with sticky jewels!

Grab a FREE copy of the Task Clouds by clicking below!

Find all my Fairy Tale Goodies below!


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  1. This sounds like fun, Monica! I'm just wondering what the task cards are for?

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