Sweet Dreams!

One of my very favorite end of the year projects is our Pillowcase Autographing.  I ask each student to send in one white pillowcase and I then letter them up with fabric paint markers.  You also can use Sharpies!  On the last day of school...we get together and autograph the cases.  Crayola makes a great fabric marker or again use Sharpies. I even switch classes with other team mates so that we fill our cases with ALL of our 2nd grade friends.  They also make great sacks to send home all of the end of the year stuff in. 
 This year I added a little poem called Sweet Dreams.  You can click the poem below to download your own copy.  Thanks in advance for leaving a comment too!
 Another fun thing to do is to ask your principals, custodians, special area teachers and anyone else you can think of to autograph.  The class loves it when they see all of our staff join in the fun.
As they get on the buses on the last day, I also think that tonight they will sleep on their pillowcases and remember all of the fun that we had together!

You can find more of my end of the year activities by previewing my End of the Year Festivities below!

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