My Good Friend Hal!

Well I believe...People say that people come into you life for a reason and I now believe it too.  Two summers ago I signed up to become a ROCKstar teacher through an email that I got at school.  In fact, several of my teaching friends joined me.  See us below! 

Now I went thinking this was going to be a regular old workshop where I take notes and get ideas to improve my classroom MGT and student learning.  I did take notes and I did get strategies for teaching but little did I know just how much I left with that day. 
Hal is an incredible motivational speaker.  He reminded me that what I was doing was important and valuable to the world.  There were many laughs and MANY tears.  I left exhausted and inspired.  Time passed and I went right back to teaching my class.
Once I started blogging, I began to feel that inspiration again  It was almost a year later that I became compelled to contact Hal.  I did and he has been a great support in all that has happened in the last year from the moment I sent him the message.  My website, my blog, and my having the courage to jump into the presenting world truly stems from him.
Click on this post he did for me...little old me!  
So if you you are feeling that you need a transformation in your teaching... check out  Tell Hal I sent you!

Thanks to Hal Bowman!  You are a ROCKSTAR Friend!

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  1. I went to Teach Like a Rock Star in March. Wow! He is an amazing motivational speaker!


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