My TuTEEEES are Coming!

As crazy as it sounds...I spent a few mornings a week working with kiddos in my neighborhood and past students. Spending time as a tutor keeps me in the creative mode plus...I love it.  This summer, I have 6 friends coming.  I have been putting together some things for them and I thought I would share.

Now I am excited to have them...but working on school stuff for kiddos in the summer is usually not their favorite thing.  So, I always try to make them feel like they are in a special type of summer club from day one.  This year, I found these super cute bags at the dollar store.  I usually do canvas and letter them up but that gets expensive.  I was thrilled to find these tropical bags and thought for $6 -I am in.  Then I grabbed some ribbon to match and I was off to check out.  GET THIS-they were only $0.50.  I have NEVER gotten anything at the $ store for less than a $.  Big day for me!

I added ribbon and wrote their name and Day of the Week on the ribbon.  Each bag has a folder inside that I am preparing for each kiddo.  I add books at their level and interest.  Fun pencils and erasers.  They love it.  This summer, I plan to make them T shirts at the end of our sessions!  Maybe...CAMP Schroeder:)
It is hard to see but the label reads: 
I belong to Mrs. Schroeder!
Summer 2010-2011


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