My Fellow BLOGGERS...Let's Make a Soldier's Day!


     I am writing to you today not about school but about patriotism.  My family has several members in the Armed Forces and my BABY brother Paul was just deployed to Afghanistan with the United State's Army.  He will be serving a 1 year tour and fighting for freedom.  I have seen many TO DO lists coming out and I wanted to let you in on one special item on mine.  Monday of next week...I will be heading out with my kiddos to shop for items such as:
toothpaste                                    Aleve                              
toothbrushes                                 chap stick
shampoo                                      cookies
deodorant                                     magazines
canned meals with flip pulls           books
baby wipes                                  cards
Oatmeal Pies (Paul's Favorite)      Suduko...and anything else that I find that would bring him some comfort.

I would like to challenge the blog world to flood Paul's troop with letters and packages!  He has no idea that I am blogging about this... so if you decide to jump on board make sure you let him know that his
BIG SISTER Monica says HI:)
Here is his address:
Sgt. Paul Weigand
C-CO 2-27BN 3BDE
APOAE 09310
My Baby Brother Paul.  My son looks so much like him it is scary! 

Sargent Paul at work in his Bradley Fighting Machine.  This was from his last tour.  This time he is on foot~ which is so much more dangerous.  When he came back from this tour the first time he had an old, dirty, wrinkled photo of my daughter that he carried in his Bradley. 

He is all grown up now!  Married too!
I thank you all in advance for joining me in this journey to support our Troops!
Pray for them all and say a special one for Paul!



  1. What a great idea! I am halfway across the United States babysitting my nephews and niece right now. This would be a great project for us to do while I am here.

    Praying for the safe return of your brother!

    Lights! Camera! Action!

  2. I will proudly make and send a care package for your brother's unit, and I'll be posting about this for you on my blog as well. My husband is also in the Army, and we are preparing for his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan in the fall. During his last deployment, my students really took it upon themselves to write letters and collect and send care packages to my husband and the other soldiers he was deployed with. I hope my students next year will do the same. I love the idea of sharing with my blogger friends as well, and plan to use it when my husband deploys too. My prayers are with your brother and his troop. :)

    First Grade Brigade

  3. Kristen...Thank you so much. We are heading out tomorrow to put our package together. I will post some photos tomorrow. Let me know your husband's address... when he deploys I will do the same for him. I think this could be something special that TBA could do for our troops.
    God Bless!


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