So I cried today...a bit!

Having a hard day at school can mean a lot of things.  It is emotional, it is crazy, it is so stinking busy but today when I was totally spent there was a ray of light.  This is my 4th year at my school and for the first time I have a group of students that I taught graduating from 5th grade.  I received a letter in my mailbox today from a former student.  I made the mistake of reading it out loud to my class.  Tears then followed.  It is so easy to forget the impact that we as teachers make. 
I know it is hard to read so I blew up the section that turned on the flood gates:)

Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!
Thank YOU Lizze in 5th grade.  You truly made my day!


  1. Hi, my name is Beth and I am fellow TBA author. Your link from the TBA site is missing the "g" in blogspot...I wanted to to let you know so that people will come on over and read this great post. Congrats on the letter, it sounds like you made a difference...just what we all want!

  2. How sweet! I have my first class graduating fifth grade too. It is so sad to see them all grown up and on their way to middle school.


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