Butterfly Hats!

Like I needed any more butterfly ideas!  Well, yesterday we made the most adorable caterpillar thumbprint heads and that means today we need to make some fantastic butterfly heads.  I was racking my brain when I came up with these!

One colored sentence strip, one pipe cleaner, one strip of paper, a few circular sponges and paint.  We drew in the other parts and labeled in crayon.  The class totally loved them. 

Just a few shots of the steps:)
I taped instead of gluing the parts. 
Also you can just bend the pipe cleaner and tape.  I cut before I thought of that.

Check out our Insect Song...we have been singing it for transitions:)

Here are a few shots of the thumbprint caterpillar heads too!

Add a copy of my butterfly unit to your files!

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  1. Great hat! Definitely doing that next year! Thanks!

  2. This is fantastic! I'm definitely using this. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.


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