Do your students need help with tracking words while reading?

Friends~Do your students need help with tracking their words while reading?  I have several students that stumble and miss whole lines of words.  They still need to track with their fingers.   Especially as the texts become more difficult and there are more words on the pages.  

Tracking is visual, meaning the reader must follow the words and have their eyes move from word to word.  Children with tracking problems bounce back and forth between words. Check out this example below from Children's Vision and Information Network.  They have tons of great examples of how your students may be struggling with reading and the connection to vision.  
Well, I found the coolest idea while wondering around in Hobby Lobby this past weekend.  Cake Toppers!  They are these fun plastic shapes on little plastic sticks that are adorable on cupcakes but even more fun as a tracking tool.  
The Schroeder Page, reading and tracking words
My kiddos have gone wild over them.  I placed them in our reading cart and they are up for grabs during independent, buddy, and guided reading groups.  We use them in guided reading to also point out text details and important information during our discussions. 
The Schroeder Page, reading and tracking wordsI love the variety!  I bought the kisses around Valentine's Day and the aliens were there last week.  I am headed back for some for St. Patrick's Day.  There were also some cool dump trucks. 
I sure hope you all found this post helpful.  Let me know your ideas on tracking and reading below in a comment!

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