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Friends~Do you teach graphing in class?  Like a whole unit? We sure do and my kiddos are rocking the concept!  We have been graphing from day one with our weather graph but our math unit is taking it to a new level with pictographs and line plots.  
One of the best ways I have found to drive this skill home is with large floor graphs.  They are really simple to make.  I just add a sentence strip for the title and index cards for the topics.  The students can use post its or index cards to add their data. If you are interested in my graphing unit you can click below to check it out!
Graphing Lessons, The Schroeder Page
I have found that giving them the opportunity to survey the class and collect the data with a fun topic like favorite foods or sweets helps them get into the lesson.  
We started with eye color and it was so fun to watch how polite the students were when they asked each other during our survey.  
Graphing Lessons, The Schroeder PageGraphing Lessons, The Schroeder Page

Graphing Lessons, The Schroeder PageGraphing Lessons, The Schroeder Page
Here are two great videos I will be using with my students next week. 

I really liked how this teacher used cleaning sponges to visually represent data collected. (Couldn't find a source so if it is you please let me know so that I can give you credit!) 

Check out these awesome posters from Amy Alvis!  I grabbed them on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They are going to be perfect in my math center!
Or grab these FREE posters from Primary Punch

Grab this freebie I made to go with the graphs above:)
I plan on posting the graphs all over the classroom and having my students hunt for the specific graph.  Then fill in the missing information on this 2 page freebie. 
Grab it over on my Facebook Page under the Facebook Freebie tab!

This week for homework my kiddos are doing a survey by asking: What is your favorite sweet? 
They will also represent their data in a bar graph.  
I was cracking up because during our morning meeting the students were telling me all about how they found 10 people to ask.  Some called their family or used Face Time.  Another took their survey to a basketball game.  
On my way out yesterday, several student bombarded me from our after school care and asked me to participate in their survey. 
Check it out below!
Mine is the chocolate covered strawberry!  
What is your favorite sweet treat?

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