My First Currently and a Sale!

Friends~I am linking up for the very first time with Oh' Boy 4th Grade-Currently!  It is my very first time!

So here goes nothin'!

Listening: My kiddos crack me up with the Wii. The Schroeder Family is a competitive bunch so everything turns into a battle to the end.  Today?  It is baseball and Ian is grumpy because he says Lily is cheating and throwing curve balls.  Really???? I didn't even know that was possible!

Loving: My new Fitbit!  I am so into it and yes, my competitive side comes out.  It is the coolest thing for keeping active.  I input everything on my phone.  
It charts my steps and my sleep.  I also can keep track of calories and my water intake.  The best part is I get to race my friends!  If you are working on a New Year's fitness goal you have to check these out! 

Thinking: I need to type some lessons plans.  I totally know what I am doing next week. We are our historical fiction unit on Balto and the iditarod.   It is all organized in drawers but I am just so bad about actually writing them down.  My mind is like a steal trap!  
Wanting: I want bright pink band for my Fitbit.  I told you!  I am obsessed.  I want to match the band to my outfits and moods.  I think I also my want an orange one too for my daughter's new softball team-The Lady Cans! 
BTW-I am at 66,510 steps so far!! 
 I have to get moving because my friends are passing me!
Needing: Sunday nights are hard for me because I know that in a few short hours we will be back into our crazy schedules. I do love Sunday nights too because it is movie night at our house.  We just finished watching all the Rocky movies so not sure what we will watch tonight but you can be sure we will be all snuggled up!

2 Truths and a Fib: I so am 39!!!  It is my last year in my 30's and I am freaking a bit.  My birthday was in January so I still have some time right?
I am also a natural blonde but totally need highlights to keep it looking like it.  
I have to admit that I do drink diet Pepsi.  I limit myself to one a day but I sure wish I could find a healthier replacement for my favorite drink.  I used to drink cans and cans of the stuff so I do feel like I am making progress.  

So that's it!  Hope you enjoyed checking in with me and now I am off to get my steps with my Fitbit!

Now for the Sale!  My TPT Store will be on sale today and Monday for the SUPER SUNDAY Sale!  Just click the image to check out all the deals!  


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