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Friends~I love teaching inferring in second grade.  I always start with pictures.  It is so much easier for students to look at snapshots and infer the setting, season, or occasion.  
Here my students are working on inferring from pictures.  They are recording and labeling their inferences.  They loved this because I brought in pictures of my family for them to look at.  
By the way, check out my reading table!  My kiddos love writing down their thinking during our reading groups.  I have found that even my most reluctant readers/writers are comfortable writing on anything dry erase! 
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Next week, they will be getting a homework assignment to bring in their own photo for us to infer from.  Download your copy of my Homework sheet below.  
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We will also be watching a video reading of Brave Irene and practicing our inferring skills.  I love this book  book because my students can infer the setting, season, and also vocabulary. 
My students were so funny when the wind talks to Irene.  
Download a FREE story guide for this book HERE

Be sure to check out my Readers Connect Inferring Unit!
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