It's a New Year!

Friends~Happy New Year!  I am headed back to school tomorrow.  I can't believe my break is over but I am looking forward to seeing my 2nd grade kiddos again.  Since it is only a 2 day week for us, I put together a fun unit.  We are going to do a Year in Review for 2013 and create a cute hallway display with our New Year's Resolutions.  You can check it out by clicking below.  

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Next week we will be heading into the world of Polar Bears!  I love this unit!  Nonfiction brings such excitement to any classroom.  We are going make these awesome models of a polar bear's paws. It is so easy to incorporate math into this lesson with measurement.  
You can check out more of my polar bear activities by watching this video below! 

If you are still on break know that I am super jealous.  If you are not, know I am in the same boat.  That alarm clock is going to come way too soon!  


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