Close Reading with Polar Bears

Friends~Do you LOVE close reads?  I sure do and so do my students.  This week I put a special one together for them on Polar Bears.  We are studying the Polar Bear in class this month and my kiddos are crazy about them.  They also love QR codes so I thought I would mix the two up.  I created a Polar Bear Close Read for our listening center.  Check out how cool it turned out. 
The Schroeder Page

The Schroeder PageThe Schroeder Page

It was so simple to do.  I printed out my FREE Polar Bear Close Read and then mounted it to a file folder upside down.  (I wanted the tab at the bottom.)  Now my students can open the folder and read the text or scan the code to have it read to them by me!  I also added my Close Reading Boomarks.  I really like when my students use the bookmarks because they really help them pick apart the text.  Because I laminated the folder, my students can use expo markers to write on the text to help them pinpoint important information.  They can also answer the comprehension questions on the back.  

Watch this quick tutorial showing how I put this close read listening center together for my students. 
One wipe and they are clean for the next student to use!
Plus, it saves tons on copies!  
You can grab a FREE copy of the file by clicking the image below!  
The Schroeder Page

You can also grab a copy of my Close Read Book Marks by clicking below.  
The Schroeder Page

Stay warm!

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