Holiday Lesson Plans with Gingerbread

Friends~We have been working hard on our holiday lessons with Gingerbread. Not only have we read Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett we worked on symmetry in math with gingerbread.  My kiddos loved making these sweet little guys!  We first discussed the line of symmetry and folded our gingerbread men in half.  I had the students decorate one side of the gingerbread man.  We then sat down to watch Jan Brett read Gingerbread Baby.  

While they watched, I walked around and hid the gingerbread in the classroom.  Once the video book was completed, I told the class it was their job to go find the gingerbread and complete the other half. Keeping symmetry in mind. 
The Schroeder PageThe Schroeder Page
They did a great job designing the other half of the gingerbread.  When we switched back it was fun to watch their faces when they saw how both sides now matched.  

We also have been playing I Spy with gingerbread men.  I have them posted all over the classroom.  They love hunting for the gingerbread and then identifying the number form.  
It is great practice!
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Be sure to check out this fun FREEBIE from 
I just love Annie's stuff!
You can also check out my Gingerbread File by clicking below.  My I Spy games is included in this file with so much more!
The Schroeder Page

I am also loving these ornaments I found on Pinterest

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