Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie!

Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie
Friends~I love starting the month of December off with my nonfiction unit on reindeer.  It is the perfect way to calm those "it's almost Christmas jitters!"  My students are always entranced with the idea of regular reindeer vs Santa's reindeer.  
I always start it off with reading the mini chapter book Remarkable Reindeer.  Our school librarian introduced me to this book a few years ago.  It is an awesome book for teaching text features in small manageable chapters.  Check out my kiddos below working in buddies answering comprehension questions from the text and it's features. 
Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie! The Schroeder Page

We really focused on how text features like fast facts and captions can give you more information.  It was interesting that even after talking about how important it was to read all of the text, students were still telling me that they could not find the answers.  I pointed out that some of the answers may be in the captains or fast facts.  After a 2nd read they always came up with the answers easily.  If you want to check out my reindeer file click HERE:)

We also watched this wonderful video from Zoo America.  This video gives the best reindeer fact ever!  Reindeer have a tendon in near their hooves that make them click when the walk!  Hello!  Up on the roof top, click, click, click!
We ended the week with a fun QR Code review my teammate put together.  Our classes buddied up and used our school ipads to scan the codes and check their answers to some review reindeer questions.  It is always so fun to watch their engagement increase when you add technology to a lesson.  
Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie! The Schroeder Page  Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie! The Schroeder Page

Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie! The Schroeder Page  Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie! The Schroeder Page

You all know how I love to stretch a theme across the curriculum right?  Well, I put this fun freebie together for this month.  Measuring with reindeer noses.  You will need red and black pom poms in a variety of sizes. 
Measurement is our next unit in math so, I will be using this as a pre assessment of skills from first grade. 
Reindeer Lessons and a Freebie! The Schroeder Page

One other bit of excitement!  If you are a hedgehog lover or you are just looking for a fun story for your kiddos at your listening center this month, check out Henry the Hedgehog's newest book!  
Included is a video reading and also a QR code for the listening center.  
Simply print off the pages and bind this book for your classroom! 
I promise your kiddos will LOVE the surprise ending!
You can also enter to win a FREE copy of the book this weekend on my Facebook Page!  
I will choose a winner on December 8th 2013!

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