100th Day Teaching Activities

Friends~Tomorrow my kiddos will celebrate the 100th Day of 2nd grade.  I have been pregame-ing for this for weeks!  The sad part is, I won't be there:(  I have a district training and due to our snow days last week our 100th Day of school had to be moved.  Check out some of the activities I have planned!

Here are some of my favorite
 100 Day books! 
100th Day Teaching Activities The Schroeder Page

My kiddos will be reading 100 Days of School by Turdy Harris.  I love the rhyming in this book! 

Plus the illustrations are so cute!  

We will be also making 100 Day t shirts.  This comes from me being a mom and making those 100 Day collections at home. They made me crazy and always seem kind of wasteful.  I decided to take the same idea and make the collections on t shirts

They are really simple to make. I just have my students bring in a new or old white t shirt.  I then stamp them with a flat from our base ten blocks.

100th Day Teaching Activities The Schroeder Page

I then place fabric markers and stamps out for my students to use.  I love adding base ten and $ stamps!

They then get to pull them on and wear their collections!

Watch this video to see the shirt stamping in action!
This year we are going to take the 100 Day Challenge!  
We will be working to find out if we can lick to the center of a Tootsie Pop in 100 licks!
My kiddos are going to flip over this activity!
100th Day Teaching Activities The Schroeder Page
Here are some more of my favorite activities for the 100th Day of school!

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