Math Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt

Friends~Are your kiddos having trouble with Problem Solving?
Mine are!  I have been racking my brain to find ways for my students to look at a word problem and understand how to solve it. 
I have created the following videos to support them in the process. 
The next one is on double digit subtraction. Another tricky topic in 2nd grade. 

Both have helped but I think today's Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt was a home run!
Here is how it all went down.  My teammate and I created 10 different word problems and wrote them on sentence strips.  We numbered the backs of the sentence strips from 1-10.  We then scattered them throughout our 2 classrooms.  The students were then numbered 1-10.  
Once they were numbered, we passed out the Problem Solving Scavenger Hunt sheet below. 
The groups then headed out to locate all of the sentence strips that went with their problem.  They worked to solve the problem in their group by filling out the form above.  Give it a click to download a FREE copy from my Facebook Fan Page under Facebook Freebies!  
Once the form was completed, they worked to solve the problem on the back.  Each student had their own strategy.  We shared at the end and I was amazed at how much the students learned from each other.  
Check out one of our groups working to find the extra information in their word problem. 


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